Not getting much Search Engine Traffic?

not getting much search engine trafficAre you wondering why you are not getting much natural search engine traffic..? There are many reasons why this may be so, this post guide will help bring your site back if this is the case..

1 ) Not getting much Search Engine Traffic? – Is your website or blog niche, a competitive niche, if so that is probably the main reason for low search engine traffic. An example of this is the niche of this blog, while it does receive a good quantity of search engine traffic because of hard work, it’s competitive niche makes it harder than uncompetitive niches.. Basically too many websites are discussing the same sort of topics as this category niche, so in order to beat them I have to compete on pretty much all angles of my blog..

2 ) Not getting much Search Engine Traffic? – Another factor is back links, related to your niche.. If you do not have many good ones then ranking will be effected by this as well.. This can be solved by creating really good content and promoting sharing your page techniques such as with the social networks.. 

3 ) Not getting much Search Engine Traffic? – I have always made it a rule to not consider a website or blog a fully pledged site until it has over 500 good posts or pages.. While this can be debated, it is a good basic guide to go by and bigger sites are generally favoured by the major search engines..

4 ) Not getting much Search Engine Traffic? – Another aspect is any traffic, be active in the social networks and related forums and it will draw traffic to your website, also commenting on many other websites can help as well in more ways than one.. Many search engines rank on traffic levels as well so this is a good technique to push more to there favour…

5 ) Not getting much Search Engine Traffic? – Lastly once you have over 500 quality unique visitors a day or more, congratulate your self as this is not an easy task.. If it was easy the Internet would be a completely different place.. It is easy to be sidetracked by many false hopes of traffic generating techniques online however these tips above are the free ways to generate only quality traffic.. If you can think of any other to create more search engine traffic feel free to comment below…


  1. Justin Brooke says

    Thanks for the interesting tips. For those who have issues with their site traffic, then these listed tips will surely help.

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