OFFER – Free WordPress Blog Setup by Timon Weller

Helping people i believe is always an important aspect of working online and growing an online business… If you are new to the online world and would like to run a online WordPress blog but do not know how to set it up contact me for assistance. The assistance i will offer for free is installation, template installation and free once off email advice in future on monetizing (making money online) techniques such as Affiliate programs for your blog theme….

The only requirements to receive this free help and free WordPress Blog setup is –

  • Using one of my hosting company affiliate partners to host the WordPress blog such as Duoservers. Each of the hosting providers are part of the highest grades of hosting with competive rates…
  • That the blog is not sexual, promoting hatred or contains any negative factors.
  • That the blog does not compete with any of the Buyers Web Websites or Blogs… Meaning different theme to mine, different to any of my websites…

Why would I offer this Free WordPress Blog Setup?

I know it can seem a bit crazy, i have been working online for a long time now and i know this is something i could charge quite a bit for however by having it as a free service i can still make a small commission from my web hosting provider… This is a small payment for me, which allows me to pass the benefit onto the new web owner the lowest cost possible – free service. Good web hosting is something any web owner is going to need anyway so this is the same cost whether you choose my free help or not…

A second payment of mine is if any future (optional) affiliate programs you need recommendations on, some provide a small commission as well for referring… This is optional advice. Either way it is a good deal for any new to the web, wanting to become a blogger. If you are interested in this offer please let me know through contact us.

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