The Official Death of Keyword and Description Meta Tags

death of the keyword and description meta tagsWell now that we all know description and keyword meta tags are not used by the major search engines, how many people out there still use them..? Or if not use them how many people still think they should influence website ranking…? While it it is understandable in most circumstances why the search engines decided to not use them in ranking, the real question is, has ignoring these two tags reduced the amount of spammy websites in there index, which was there major hope..?

It’s amazing to think how many elements have changed with the major search engines since the late 1990’s, what will be next…? If you still have these two types of meta tags (keyword or description) on some of your websites, it is okay to leave them there. It’s just the search engines won’t take to much notice of them… (ignored)

Please note this does not mean to remove other valid tags like the robots and title tag, etc.. These are still very important to the search engines…

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