Oh Heck – Spammers in my Buyers Web Directory!

Oh heck, I was checking my latest submissions with my human edited web directory today and noticed a large amount of spammers in there. What i don’t get is i clearly state all web submissions be English based and also no adult websites, however it clearly looks like they were having a ball game in there in the last few days submitting to my directory…

I really do not know why they submit, i never except these web sites yet they keep trying, in the last few days i have received over 300 spam submissions. I know exactly where they will be going is straight to delete… At first with this diectory i tried to keep it free, then after so many spammers i had to make it a small fee, now even past that they still come.. Ahh okay looks like i need a spam guard script to implement.

Screenshot of my Web Directory admin to show Spammers Below –

spammers in my directory

One Solution for PHPlinkdirectory and Spam is the Phpld2banword Mod….

I found one good solution for my php link directory script called Phpld2banword which bans words and urls on submission. Which is good with spammers as it usually is a pattern..  If you run your own PHPlinkdirectory it is a worth it mod to install. There is a bit of work involved adding spam words and urls (over time) but in the end it is worth it… I tell you what, i have had it with those darn spammers..!

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