One Blog Post that Continues to Make Money Online

one blog post that always makes money onlineThis is the ultimate dream am I right? Do one blog post that creates residual orders continuously.. While this may sound like a fantasy, it is very real. So how does this work, how can you create a post that will do this..

First of all let’s look at the key components that are needed in a great post that has residual income potential.

“How do I know this technique is possible you may ask? I know because some of my posts do this, they may not earn everyday but added up with consistency they build into a great income..”

12 Steps to making a Blog Post that Continues to Make Money Online

1. ) Great unique Content related to referred product..

2. ) SEO formatted so search engines will like the post and rank well..

3. ) Inspiration, including personal experience and benefits to the reader.

4. ) Testimonies of other people who like the product you are referring. With there names as well..

5. ) Others that link to that post.. Very important, without this there may be nothing.. See the post like it is your homepage when commenting or directory submitting, etc..

6. ) A unique price based on you if possible, such as if you purchase through Buyers Web you will get it half price. That way you make it is more unique if there is competition.

7. ) Detailing why you like it? ( truthfully as people respect honesty)..

8. ) Share in the social networks for exposure amongst those networks.

9. ) Great unique product – The more unique, but in demand product the better.

10. ) Images of the product or service to encourage a click through. An image says a thousand words no matter what the product or service is..

11. ) A Video – Now let’s think about this one, how awesome is it when a video shows an example of the product or
service as well. This is a great addition also..

12. ) Related Forums. Basically if you know of any related forums to the product or service, now is a good time to be active there and mention your post link in the signature.. This is a great way to find interested people in relation to your product line as well as get more good links to your post.

See the Blog Post like it is your HOME PAGE..

Okay so that basically sums it up, the key component here is try to see this post like your homepage in importance. Try not to brush over it. If it is going to make you money through affiliate sales or an ecommerce product then this tip is a must for maintaining traffic flow.

The best bit about using this method is once you have regular traffic flow to a post that earns you money then you can move onto another and then another. It will not happen over night, but if you keep at it it will happen in the end.. Good luck..!

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