Passion or Money Blogging – Which one are you?

passion or money bloggingWhile some people are writing in blogs to make money, there are many others that are writing as a passion, or both… Which one are you mainly…?

1) Passion Blogging Blogger – You can’t wait to write another post or check on your web blog… This is more like a marriage of creativity.. In a way you are addicted to Blogging and all related writing activities…

2) Money Blogging Blogger – Solely writing blog posts just for the magnetization values.. Money is on the mind, you aren’t really too passionate about the writing side. You are more interested in looking at your affiliate earnings and watching your bank account…

3) The Passion and Money Blogging Blogger – Now what a successful combination, not only are you creating a passion in progress but you have written a ticket to eventual financial online freedom by monetizing your blog. In a way these are the driving force of successful blogging techniques..

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