Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs Vs Pay Per Action Affiliate Programs

For most online blog owners or website owners there are two major ways to make money online. One is by using a Pay Per Click Affiliate Program and the other is a Pay Per Action Program… Both of these forms can earn good money… But the real question is which one is better…?

“Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs Vs Pay Per Action Affiliate Programs!”

If you ask me which one is better i would say Pay Per Action always pays better, and performs better… Pay Pay Action  is when you are paid a commission on a referred purchases. Some commission can range from anything depending on the service or product or how much is bought. It could be $30 all the way to to hundreds or even thousands…

I personally think both these two pay programs have there benefits so using both is good. When drawing an income online it is important to focus on multiple avenues of income… That way even when a small amount is earned from each avenue, all these small amounts add up to a good amount…

Okay so back to the debate… Pay Per Clicks are good in the sense they are easy to set up and make money from as simple a concept of a visitor click… What a basic system and its amazing to hear so many web owners making thousands upon thousands from this alone…

“My Opinion is Pay Per Action Affiliate Programs Pay More…

Now that i have discussed both affiliate program types, lets look at the figures of potential conversion. If say you had a related blog or website about hosting as an example conversion on Pay Per Action would be good. Let’s say it is one in a thousand visitors on average purchases one of the referred hosting which pays you around $50 commission each sale… that would equate to 1000 divided by 50 which equals about 20 cents per visitor. Now let’s look at the potential of Pay Per Clicks in the same circumstance at 1000 visitors a good conversion rate with pay per clicks is 2% which is 20 clicks per thousand. Even a high earning Pay Per Click such as Bidvertiser would have an average or 20 to 50 cents so lets say the highest it can be is $10.

With the Pay Per Action affiliate programs i am not saying that all results are the same 1 in a 1000 per sale, however through my own research on targeted audiences i have found this to be a common figure… Either way you can see how pay per action can earn a great deal more… If both are used you can see how it can turn $50 to $50 plus $10 which is $60 per thousand.

What do you think? Which one is better – Pay Per Click or Pay Per Action?


  1. Great post! I am still learning how to make money online and I admit most of your posts help me a lot, and coming from one money maker online yourself I’m learning a lot. I need to learn more…Thanks for helping me build my own blog. 🙂

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