Paypal Vs Paymate Vs 2Checkout

paypal vs paymate vs 2checkoutWhen you are selling your own products online one of the main aspects you have to look at is how do you receive payments for your products. Paypal, Paymate and 2Checkout are three of the cheapest options on the Internet, but which one is better for you.

Overall all of these 3 Credit Card payment processors are good, but let’s take a look at the comparison on services they provide and then you can have a better idea on which one is best for you.

Fees on Purchases Monthly Fees Send Money Fees Buyer Protection Multiple Currencies Setup Fee Free to Open
PayPal 1.1 to 3.4 % + 0.30 per transaction None None Yes Yes about 30 currencies None Yes
Paymate 1.7 to 3.9% 0 to 33 AUD Yes Yes Yes None Yes
2Checkout 5.5% + 0.45 US per transaction None None Yes but with Fees to Seller Yes $49 No $49 one time fee

Paypal VS Paymate or 2Checkout

As you can see above PayPal seems to be a be cheaper option overall and lower commission rate. All these credit card processors are easily integrated into many platforms including the famous OsCommerce script. Waiting for your account to be set up with 2checkout is probably one of there biggest negatives as well as the setup fee. Also 2Checkout commission fees are basically double the amount of both Paypal and Paymate. Sorry 2Checkout, Paypal and Paymate seem to be winning with that.

PayPal VS Paymate

One similarity with PayPal and Paymate was that the fees both got lower with higher monthly sales amounts, except Paymate charged a monthly fee that progressed on how many sales you got. Whereas the commission structure with Paypal got lower and lower depending on your monthly sales amount and still no monthly fees. So overall PayPal wins there against Paymate.

2Checkout VS PayPal or Paymate

I notice a lot of webmasters prefer the look with 2Checkout but overall i think a lower product price is more alluring to customers. This lower price can be passed on by the lower commission of Paypal or Paymate. I mean if you can charge 3 % less on postage and product prices then you can be more competitive against your competitors. The main difference between 2Checkout and the Paypal or Paymate is that they are a straight out processor, they don’t have a member base like Paypal and Paymate. Meaning that if you are a Paypal or Paymate member you can receive payments from other Paypal or Paymate members as well as from Credit Cards. Good Bonus i think having an extra option but some webmasters can believe it lowers sales.

Paypal VS Paymate VS 2Checkout Conclusion

Overall between the three Paypal and Paymate came the closest in comparison but in the end Paypal appeared to be the better choice. 2Checkout lost the battle after the first summary against these two except for the fact that if the customer wants a straight out transaction without the option of membership. The 2Checkout payment processor has this straight out feature to pay by Credit Card, but unfortunately at 5.5% commission i think that’s there biggest downfall.

Personally my favourite credit card processor is Paypal because not only do they have the cheapest commission fee on purchases but also you can take money out of your Paypal account whenever you want to your linked bank account. If you are interested in trying Paypal out as an option for your Credit Card processing or signing up for Paypal then Click Here.

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  1. Timon Weller says

    Hello Doug,
    I don’t know why you are having trouble with Paypal.. I have used them for over 4 years with no problem at all and they have always helped if any issue arised with merchant integration into any one of my websites.. I hope you sort out what happened with you..

  2. it seems these opionions are very BIASED. take a look for yourself at the companys. paypal is not as good as above states. i have been trying to find reveiws for different online pay services and it looks to me that some emplyees or ppl that benefit from open of an account are making these reveiws. why would they have a link to sign up for paypal on this page??? hummm. paymate seems better than paypal to me. the fees stated above dont seem accurately stated. what are the fees for a regular user or one time exchange. paypal is horrible on sellers FYI

    • I have used all three and unless Paymate has lowered there fees they are in no way better than Paypal.. With Paypal i am paying less the 2% on transactions and no monthly fees, plus i can withdraw whenever i want.. I have to admit the exchange it not great but so to i noticed much the same on Paymate except Paymate had more fees on foreign transactions so i know which one i would pick…. If a good 1% or lower cc provider with no monthly fees became available i would consider switching then.. Hopefully Paymate offers something like that in the future.. I see they offer better rates than before but because they charge so much more for foreign currencies and exchange it makes it only better for those that except only there base currency.. Regards,

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