People Buying Content, Is that Fair by Google?

is buying content unfair by googleThis is an interesting one, so many website owners have been hit by Google lately due to selling links or buying links yet has anyone thought about the implications of buying content.. It seems to be in the same ball park to me, although it does not seem to be an issue..

Basically the question, comes down to this, If buying and selling links is considered unfair by Google then should buying content be the same also..?

Let’s look at the similarities, people buy unique articles or posts written by others that are added to your site that in the end manipulate the search engines.. These articles are not written by you and are paid for.. In a way it is a bit like buying links.. If say you bought twenty, then that is twenty more pages of influence in the search engines that can get you ranking for different types of keywords. Does this sound familiar..?

This is not to say I am against the concept of buying content, I am just saying where can a search engine like Google know when to draw the line when it comes to these terms?


  1. How would Google know that you bought the content vs. writing it yourself?

  2. I agree Chris… They wouldn’t know, however buying content does not appear to be an issue with Google. I just wanted to compare it against terms that are creating issues and it is not much different..

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