Planning your Income Online

As with most things to do with making money online it is a good idea to planning your online income out…How much you want to earn as well as planning the ideas of your business. Put down on paper the income you want to earn for one website, write how you will do it underneath and then stick that piece of paper to your office wall.

Write effectively realistic online money making goals like example if your site isn’t earning anything yet then write down $100 dollars a month from eg contextual advertising..this is an example if its a product line then write the down something different.

How am i going to achieve this… ?

More content that users want..
More traffic

You can break it down further by understanding more what people want online to create your income…I know it’s not easy but with a plan on your earnings the desired result is more easy to see…

While some people don’t write there plans down, i find it essential to understanding your site… Also being motivated to create the result.. Once the income online is attained then another can be written and so forth.

Some people believe that if you write something down then it creates the result in thought and therefore it is easier to get the results and in some ways this is also true. If you have doubt in something then where does your attention go to, low quality template, low quality content, low quality results… If you put your energy into something and create what your customers want then yeah what you will get is easier to attain..

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