PPC Placement Guide – Top Left Position Good Exposure!

See the ad placement on this page, this is a top left position for a Bidvertiser Ad System. Whatever program you use when using javascript ads whether it be Bidvertiser, AdSense or YPN to make is appear neatly to the the top left or right of a content page a span line is the best way to go.

“The top left or top right position in a post gives the optimum amount of exposure for your PPC ads… Therefore a better click through rate…”

Many web owners use a ad position similar to what i use in this post however i don’t believe you should use it on all posts. The main reason it gives your blog or website a generic look to readers… What i would recommend is using these ads on posts or pages occasionally like the one on this post. If you are going to ad a blog wide or site wide ad spot the bottom of a post or page i think is best…

How to make a Left Position Ad like above?

Okay so before the javascript code ad this line, you can change the details to right if you wish it to be to the right.

<span style=”float: left”>
Javascript code goes here…eg bidvertiser, adsense, ypn or the many others…

Wherever you place this on the page in your html code it will make a word wrap ad spot similar to what is in this post. Bidvertiser is another way to make money online and is a recommended PPC program, as the ads open in new window and being able to set the minimum bid amount… To find out more about Bidvertiser or to sign up click here.

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