PPC vs natural search engine traffic?

There are two main ways on getting traffic to your site online and they are advertising like with ppc or other forms of advertisements or natural search engine traffic…they are both good in there own way but definitely natural traffic is nicer as it is free traffic from the search engines…however if you are getting orders through your site then its only part of your profit you are spending on ppc…

Ppc is good cause the traffic is quick you pay for your clicks and away you go just choose your keywords related to your site…whereas natural traffic is good but requires a bit more effort…the whole idea is to use the two combined to create a broad form of traffic coming to your site and therefore increasing sales for your business…

Benefits of PPC

  • Quick traffic for the keywords you choose…can have it running traffic to you in no time…
  • Gets your site seen before its indexed in the search engines properly
  • Another avenue of traffic

Negatives of PPC

  • Costs money
  • always have to check stats for roi

Positives of natural traffic

  • Free
  • Keywords are targeted always

Negatives of natural traffic

  • None really
  • Maintaining natural rank

Overall they are both good for an online business and can be both beneficial in getting traffic online…

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