Proven Work at Home Income Opportunities

There are a lot of online work at home income opportunities out there, however it is hard for some to know where to begin. In this post I wanted to focus on Proven tested and tried opportunities that have earned me money online.

If you can think of any other work at home opportunities that have worked for you, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Some of these techniques below I do not use any more because of there time consuming aspect and expense, however they all proven to make money..

(Please note – I will label from my experience of highest earning to lowest earning online. 1 meaning highest earning and 5 meaning lowest earning from my experience online. Your results may vary.. )

My Proven Work at Home Income Opportunities

1. ) Ecommerce selling – This is my highest proven work at home earner, this is where you sell a product online in a ecommerce shop. Recommendations for this is a unique product line that is in demand. Two platforms I recommend for this type of selling is Oscommerce and Oscmax. An example of this script can be seen at Treasured Jewels.

2. ) Blog Affiliate Sales – The main focus I am helping others with on this blog. This is my second proven work at home income opportunity, that works great.. Gotta love those affiliate sales..

Proven Work at Home Income Opportunities3. ) Other Websites / Platforms and Affiliate Sales – This is basically any other platform that earns money from affiliate sales or promoting related products. I do not use other platforms other than blog type platforms for this now, but used to in the past.

4. ) EBay Selling – This is a method I used to use a lot but not no more as it involves a lot of time and commitment. It definitely makes money if you have a good unique product source and so is a recommended choice for beginners. Please note, how many sales you get on eBay generally depends on how good you construct your eBay product selling page..

5. ) Web Directory – Web directories are not as good as they used to be, but they still have potential and earn money online. This can either be from affiliate sales or from paid listings.


  1. Thomas Williams says

    Me and my girlfriend are into this Work At Home programs by selling affiliate products online, we also maintain an online store,

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