Pushing your Blog to the Limit – Monetizing your Blog

People often say to me how can they make money online…? How do they go from not earning online to earning…? What’s the biggest difference between earning online and just having a website?

Pushing your Blog to the Limit - Monetizing your Blog

All these questions are very common so here is a good explanation of them all… If it is a blog push your blog further than others do. What do i mean by this? If the average blog has around 200 posts then you need 500 good posts or more to beat the average. If the average Blog has an average looking template, find one now that says wow to your readers.

If the average blog gets around 200 visitors a day then you need at least 500 visitors a day to be pushing yourself. Always push your blog or website further than the average and you will start seeing better results.

Last one whats the difference between earning and not earning? Well the above basically sums it up, however like anything the Internet is a competitive field. You can’t expect success at anything if you do only half the job as the saying goes. Look at your competition of your website or blog field. Look at what they are lacking and do more. If they have a lot of email subscribers then write lot’s of posts on joining your email list. Offer free ebooks or competitions, push yourself to drive excitement to your subscriber list. If they get a lot of traffic build your traffic. If they write a lot of posts write better improved posts on the subject. If they use money monetizing in there blog you should too… Look at there blogs or websites and see how they could improve and do that. It could simply be your element that inspires that extra push your blog needs.

According to business statistics which applies to online business, only about 5% of online businesses succeed. In fact the duration of a new business is generally under 2 years before it fails. The main reason why most new businesses fail (even online) is they can’t write a good business plan and then meet there targets. Don’t fall into this trap, if you want to make money online write up your plan, make targets, meet them, push beyond the average owner and claim your earnings.


  1. cooldudeben says

    Good tips here, I’ll try to push my blog more 🙂

  2. Timon Weller says

    Yeah just that extra bit of effort helps a lot… it’s easy sometimes to do half the job when it is yourself motivating yourself…

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