Questions are the Answer : How to Increase Sales Success Online?

I wanted to write a post on the effectiveness of using questions in the title. Like all of us when asked a question about something the curiousness of the mind likes to sum up the answer by a natural response. How does this help you out? Well when writing a page on your website or a post on your blog it can be very effective to use a question in the title for some of your pages.

Here is some examples of Questions in Titles and it’s Effectiveness.

A good example of looking at how this is more noticeable is by looking at some search engine results. It will show a myriad of titles for websites but ask yourself which one stands out the most? Here is some screenshots below to show you what i mean.

questions are the answer

Web listing number 2 stands out (above) , Hey its my blog

 questions are the answer

Web results number 3, 4 and 5 stand out compared to results number one or two…

“Questions are the answer… Don’t you think?” (Overview)

I wouldn’t recommend using a question for your homepage, but for some of your secondary pages or blog posts you can see by the examples above how they can stand out and increase clicks and visits to your website. Titles are always a big impact on why web visitors, visit your website from the search engines.

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