Really Funny Rel Tag Content

Cheap Affordable Web HostingHere is a funny one.. You know how the rel tag works for the search engines right.? If you do not that is okay, people add this tag with nofollow or external nofollow to links they do not trust on there site and so they do not pass search engine juice. Unfortunately like any new tag people tend to overuse the tag and so now there is many issues, but anyways back to what is funny. Other wise the debate of the nofollow issues is a never ending one..

Okay so this is how the tag usually looks –

rel=”external nofollow”

(These two above examples are the accepted tags to tell the search engines what to do with a non trusted website link. I added the second one as this is the wordpress one and serves the same purpose.)

And this is some interesting tag content I am finding out there when Browsing other blogs etc.. Some of which are really funny..

rel=”friend i met”
rel=”cool person”
rel=”recently met friend”
rel=”my sister”
rel=”please follow me”
rel=”my boyfriend”

I am not sure if people are joking by adding some of these or whether they assume the rel tag is for relationship to you.. Either way I think it is brilliant. I am sure some of these have search engine bots wondering what is going on..?


  1. Hahahah this is really funny maybe bots love this

  2. free tutorial says

    it’s really funny….hahaha…
    but coolz…II want to try too..hehe

    *u r really creative, Timon….watching the tags in other blog..:D*

  3. Recently heard some more ones, “me”, “my family” and “private”. The private one i thought was funny because it is a link, maybe they are asking the search engines to index it in a private way.

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