Recieve 20 dollars in Free Advertising!

Recieve 20 dollars in free advertisingBidvertiser PPC advertising network is offering 20 dollars in free clicks to new advertising accounts. This is what i call a great free offer. And what a great extra way to try Bidvertiser out and get more exposure to your website or blog. Bidvertiser is a PPC advertising network similar to AdSense, except there main difference is they only focus on in website advertising. A example of how your ads will look on other peoples websites can be seen by looking at the Bidvertiser Ad block on this Blog.

20 dollars in free targeted advertising can mean 100’s of free targeted exposure for your website or blog. And it is always good to remember if you set it up right and use targeted keywords, PPC have a good ROI as they create targeted traffic.

To take them up on there free offer or to find out more about the free 20 dollars in advertising for new Bidvertiser accounts click here.

Overall using Bidvertiser in any online campaign is a great extra addition, for extra targeted traffic…


  1. Saum Swain from says

    Oh thats is awesome offer. The Contest between Kontera and bidvertiser will gain momentum.

  2. Yeah Bidvertiser is a good option for advertising especially with this offer. A free 20 dollars in clicks is always a good starter.

  3. Thor Securitys says

    Thanks for the info. Im going to try out bidvertiser for my Self defense blog right now. Good luck with your campaigns.

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