Recognizing your Website or Blog Traffic Efforts

recognising recognizing your website or blog traffic effortsYou have your website or blog going and are thinking about how to get more traffic?? First of all if you are receiving over 200 unique visitors a day then i think it is time you gave yourself a pat on the back and recognize your efforts so far.

Too many times as humans we take our efforts for granted and don’t see our accomplishments clearly. Over 200 unique visitors a day is not as easy as it sounds. As time goes on now you can see the potential for 500 or more visitors a day and even more.

Appreciate your Goals and Achievements…

Make small easy to obtain goals like how many pages or posts a day and when you achieve these goals give yourself some well deserved credit. It is easy when you are running or starting an online business to lag or become lazy because you are working for your self.

By using and obtaining small goals for yourself it is a lot easier to keep focus. I call them realistic goals because when you make the goal it is easier to see how to achieve the goal as you write it.

An example of a realistic goal –

* 3 good posts or pages a day
* 5 directory submissions a day or 5 comment posts a day

As you can see from the realistic goal example above it can be an easy goal for one website, this would create 21 pages or posts a week and 35 comment posts or directory submissions a week. By making small realistic goals it is easier to prioritise your time as well..

Time to Reflect on Blog or Website Progression

As time goes by for your blog or website celebrate goals created and achieved. This is a way of not only keeping you motivated but is also a way of seeing ways you could make improvements or enhancements on your website or blog… In the end you are your own boss when you are working for yourself online, so be nice to yourself.. Good Luck…

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