Reddit For Beginners

reddit for beginnersWell i have just started using the social network Reddit last week and dang it’s an interesting one. What is you might ask? Reddit is an online rating website similar to Digg except works on a system they call Karma. And i mean online Karma okay.

Simply the more Karma you have the more traffic your profile receives. I am new to the program myself, however i have just recently been informed of a few tricks to get more Karma.

Reddit for Beginners –

  • Comment on popular Reddit posts
  • Accumulate friends on Reddit and Karma will increase
  • Post lots of interesting websites for review

The fastest way to accumulate Karma is by commenting on websites that many other people comment on in Reddit. Also you get even more Karma if you submit a website that gets lots of comments and points by other members.

Why bother with Reddit you might ask?

The main reason is traffic. When you have a lot of Karma on Reddit it ranks all the Website posts you submit well, even your own website listings. Media social networks like Reddit are one great way to build up your social network side around your blog. Some of the many benefits of this can be more email subscribers per month, more traffic, more bookmarked pages, more back-links when people write up about one of your pages.

For more info on Reddit or to be my friend on Reddit click here.

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