Regular Posting on your Blog means more Traffic!

We all do it as blogger’s, we have periods where we blog less or have not blogged for a few days. We then go to publish a new post, but check out our stats before hand… (Oh no…)  In our stats we happen to find that our visitor amounts are much lower than usual. I usually find on my blog it is nearly half as much traffic as from when we regularly publish posts… Different blogs may be different.

“A theory of mine is a post a day (or frequent posting) can increase search engine traffic…”

I believe this is the biggest indicator of how important readers are when we post a fresh post… And also i have one extra theory i am working on. I am coming to the idea that regular posting increases search engine rank for your whole blog… I notice this in particular in Google. When a new post is submitted coming up for your title is generally around rank number one to four.

However after a couple of days down,  the rank being down the bottom of the page is a common occurrence. I could be wrong with this theory however i have seen it on many occasions, even for other websites other than my own.. Fundamentally overall there is one general rule we can all agree on in Blogging and that is Regular Posting on your Blog means more Traffic!

What do you think about Regular Posting on Blogs and Traffic Levels (search engines, etc…)?

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