Related Affiliate Programs is the Key to Higher Sales!

Affiliate Programs on your website can be a trial and evaluation period to work out what Advertising or Affiliate programs to use on your website or blog that can generate the best sales for your particular web site. There is a myriad of many affiliate programs out there to choose but what really is the key here…?

The key to creating good sales is the Affiliate programs you use are related to your website. Affiliate marketing has a huge potential to related blogs or websites. It sometimes is so easy for many blogs or websites to just run AdSense or contextual advertising and use that alone. However what a lot of blogs or website owners don’t realise is AdSense or contextual advertising earnings are a lot lower than the potential earnings of related Affiliate marketing.

While the CPM of AdSense or some other contextual advertising program could be as much as 3 to 4 dollars per thousand. With Affiliate marketing it can be as high if not higher than 20 dollars CPM. Not only that a lot of Affiliate programs have residual potential which means any further sales you get a commission from that customer.

So not only higher sales, but the potential to set up a good residual income. This is not saying that contextual advertising is dead, its saying that they are only one form of making money online on your website. There may be more testing with Affiliate Marketing to work out what works best for you or your website, however in the end by not using them on your blog or website you are missing out on some higher potential earnings.

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