Running a Website Online is like a Video Game..!

Have you ever wondered about how running a website or blog online is like a Video Game..? Are we all going for more and more points all the time until eventually we are making money online, which is like a high level in the online game..? Does it ever feel like how much money you make online is like how far a level you have achieved..? Okay so now that you may be confused, let’s take a look at what I mean..

We start a website, let’s say a blog, we create content, we look at stats, we get points from all different social networks, search engines, directories and when these points are good we make Lot’s of money.. Which is sort of like achieving next level in a video game.

What are the points I am referring to exactly..?

  • Google PageRank Score
  • Technorati Score
  • Alexa Rank
  • Back-links
  • Statistics
  • Affiliate Statistics
  • ROI
  • Earnings – PayPal etc. – The reward in achieving levels..

Welcome to the Online Money Game..

Can you see the pattern now, it almost feels a bit like the ultimate game of online money.. However it is real and not a game.. More PageRank, less Alexa Rank, more Technorati score, is yours higher, is mine higher, what level are you on..? “I am on Google PageRank level 3 what about you, naaa, I am still on Google PageRank level 2 but I have been doing heaps of Technorati adventures..”

I had to share this thought with you, hopefully it is not just me thinking this as well..? Or Maybe I need a break from my computer..



  1. Willie Theron says

    Hey, I know exactly what you are talking about. I had the feeling that a webmaster is like a gamer for quite some time now.

    I am still a beginner. But baring that thought of yours in mind. I even constructed my website to be almost like a game. Well goodluck with your quest. And I need time off from my computor aswell…

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