Running your own Affiliate Program – More Traffic and More Sales!

If you sell products in a ecommerce store what better way to get them promoted other than running your own Affiliate Program. Many website companies now offer program integration for your website or you can do it yourself if you are good with script….

Think of the potential of running your own Affiliate Program!

Many scripts now including a lot of free open source shopping cart scripts allow you to run your own program. The only down side with running it through your own script, can mean many hours of script editing to get it to work properly for your website. Once this is done however think of the traffic it can produce for your website as well as increasing sales from affiliate efforts…

I am currently working on a Oscommerce Affiliate script for one of my ecommerce websites called osCaffiliate 2.5a. It is taking me a while to undo all the bolts of the script to ensure it works 100% the way i want, however i am nearly done now and able to launch the program.

Affiliate Programs Creates Duplication!

The biggest potential i think is the promotion by other websites, even if many Affiliates do not do well in sales the fact that they are promoting your ecommerce products for free, creates a bigger name for you more quickly.  As i have said in previous posts creating duplication of efforts is one of the quickest ways to a more successful website. What this means with Affiliate programs is if someone else can do the marketing for you with a reward (commission) that you are both happy with, then that is a good business deal…

 “Which ever way you look at it running your own Affiliate program for your products or services only has postive outcomes. The biggest one of all is it will create you more money and traffic…..”

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