Rx Toolbar Update

rx update toolbarI did a quick search on the overture inventory yesterday and noticed a lot of people are looking up what is an Rx Toolbar Update? I thought i should quickly explain what is an Rx Toolbar Update is as there is not many websites on the subject.

An Rx Toolbar Update also known as Reflexive Search Bar technology is an update performed by a toolbar to do with there searches. When searches are performed on a Rx compatible Toolbar, the Rx (Reflexive Search technology) in the Toolbar can search for related websites or subjects that might be of interest to you. These results are then displayed in the toolbar as options for what you are looking for. As you have already probably noticed a lot of types of Toolbars use this technology including a lot of the major ones.

A lot of search engines now use a similar option as well when you do a search on Yahoo and Google… Try typing in Make Money Online and you will get a related search results section come up. It will display options like Make Money Online Blogging, etc. This is similar to RX and so when a Rx update occurs on a Toolbar it is to do with the reflexive related searches script that are being updated.

rx toolbar update

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