Saying Goodbye to MyBlogLog

After entering MyBlogLog over the last few days many are noticing the big message when entering there account. It is official MyBlogLog will be ending for good and so now is a time to say goodbye to that great service.

What surprises me the most is that service is such a unique and awesome service for us bloggers as well as I am sure a lucrative source for Yahoo as well. Not to mention why they paid over 10 million to begin with to buy and now just to let it go.. Anyways I am sure yahoo has there reasons behind the let go, but it will surely be a big let down for all of us such as myself who has built a small Mybloglog empire of over thousands of members and contacts..

mybloglog shutdown

If you are in the same boat you may have noticed yahoo trying to pass on the service Yahoo Pulse as a similar service, however after checking it out fully it is nothing like Mybloglog and is basically similar to Myspace or Facebook copy which to bloggers has no way of sharing feeds and latest posts. Not very helpful there. I guess I am a little upset and a little confused about the whole thing.

What do you think, will Mybloglog going effect your online business..? Did you use there service and lastly what do you think about the expensive let go of a good service for bloggers..?

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