Avoiding Scam or Spam?

So many websites and emails look just like spam these days…what’s going on out there..? I don’t understand, why people flood there website with just advertising till the point it’s just a mass of relevant or irrelevant content..There’s one good thing now though the search engines have sussed this issue out..It used to be a major problem for search engines and occasionally you still see it online…

An example of a spam websites is a website that is 80% or higher advertising like adsense or the like to the point that there is nothing else useful there, like spam…lol…It’s all what the customer or visitor doesn’t want to see…

The reasons these types of websites are useless are –

  • Customers come there expecting a service or product and don’t see one so leave quickly.
  • Search engines don’t like these pages so don’t get good ranking or any ranking

As for email spam there is no way of stopping it lol…even those programs it still keeps coming and they don’t stop…it’s like how many times a year does some rich prince want to offer me money for my bank account details…geez…and the paypal password request one oh farout…I feel sorry for the people that fall for these scams…

All these forms of websites or emails don’t help your Internet business …I recommend to be careful in the design of your website to not make too much advertising focused as sometimes people will get it confused with spam websites and will just leave…


  1. I also receive scam e-mails from the first day I signed up for my Yahoo account… I don’t really pay attention to it because I am aware that these e-mails are just scams. Few months ago I watched an episode of Oprah about Nigerian scammers and really can’t believe that there are some people who are caught in the trap, waging money for nothing in return but shame.

  2. Timon Weller says

    yeah some of those free email accounts get heaps of spam and scams emails to it.. its an unnfortunate aspect online..

  3. Samantha Thomas says

    there are so many scams running on the internete so watch out;~’

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