Scour Search Engine – Search Engine with a Difference…

scour search engine - make money from searchesImagine a search engine where you can search all the major search engines but in which you can comment on website listings and vote on them… The search engine is called SCOUR. How there search engine works is they search all the major search engines including Yahoo, Msn and Google for results.

Well then, what makes Scour Search Engine different you may ask..?

What particular makes them different and unique is they are influenced by comments and voting on listings. If you don’t think a website is up to your standard you can comment and vote about it, or if you think one website is awesome then you can write a positive comment about them.

“Positive Comments or Votes Raise a Websites Key Word Ranking..”

Websites with lots of Positive Votes or Comments pushes there ranking up while websites with lower votes and negative comments pushes there ranking down.. So in a nutshell they are a people focused ranking search engine. To begin with the results may be decided by the search engine position, however there overall web results are decided by the peoples comments or votes.

Use Scour Search Engine and get Many Rewards…Scour Credit Card!

The Scour search engine passes on rewards to its users based on comments, voting and referrals. The best thing of all is they have there own credit card they will send you with credit which you can use as well.. How can they do this you may ask..? Well the main reason is sponsored results, when they are visited they earn Scour money, so instead of keeping it all for themselves, they pass most of the profit onto its members. That is Scour in a nutshell.

To learn more about Scour Search Engine or to become a Scour member click here. Why not see where your website ranks in there search engine…?

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