Search Engines Love Blog Comments – Yum!

As like I have mentioned in the past how search engines love new posts or content, another element I forgot to mention is new comments. Every time a new comment is added to a blog the major search engines see the new content there and add it as content. Therefore that means that search engines are constantly looking for changes in pages as well to add to there algorithm.. Whether it is all positive, depends on the content but definitely the search engines love it… Yum..!

Encourage more Comments and Encourage More Traffic..!

So by encouraging more comments not only will your community be more active but also you will receive more search engine traffic as well.. When testing my theory I noticed one thing in common, when you check your stats there are searches for peoples comments names…

People Love searching on there own Comment Name..

What does this mean, it basically says that that people love searching on there own name as well as it is a common search focus by many commenters.. Therefore more comments brings more traffic… Now here is the hard one, how do we get more comment traffic..? Said simply but not as easy as it sounds, be very active in the social networks, invite people to comment, offer good helpful content, offer free services and get as involved socially as possible until your community is at what you like… And lastly and most important comment yourself on others blogs…. Good Luck..

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