Secret Tips – Internal Linking Traffic Surges!

internal linking traffic surgesIf you have two to three minutes to listen to this easy tip on creating more traffic, I am sure you will thank me endlessly..

When blogging or creating content online it is so easy to keep pumping out the good page content and thinking not much more of it, however what if there was a way to increase your traffic even more at the same time as doing this..?

The secret answer is Internal Linking.. I know you may have heard of it before but have you implemented it on your blog or web site..? If you have implemented it, then well done as that is unusual, however how do you use it..?

It’s how you use Internal Linking..  That is the Answer..

The truth is it is all about how internal linking is used that generates traffic and the best place for it is within your content..

This way your readers will have further reading to read at the end of reading a post as well as allowing a bit of your own link juice to pass to your own pages within your site helping them get indexed easier in the search engines as well as possibly rank better as well..

I try to use it here in posts on this blog whenever related, it helps me to link old posts to the new as well as also allows readers to read more related to the post. Other than these benefits of Internal Linking there is also the Benefits associated with Keeping your Visitors longer on your Blog or Web Site..

The best aspect of internal linking is it allows reasonable size sites to interlink there pages and posts making a more enjoyable experience for the reader of the post. It really can increase, if not double traffic levels simply by page views if used wisely. In some posts here you may have noticed me using one to two Internal Links within posts, as an example in this post I have added two..

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