Secrets to Contextual Advertising Riches…

How common a question is how do i make money from contextual advertising? What is the major secret these successful contextual advertising websites have that you don’t? People might tell you all sorts of things like position of ads, colour placement and many other elements… But what really is the key here?
secrets to contextual advertising riches

 What is the key element that they are not telling you?

Let me tell you the main secret now, these websites receive a lot of traffic… (Sorry if you were holding your breath). However don’t be disheartened, contextual advertising can be a great extra source of income on any blog or website. What you need to focus on first though is traffic… Getting the traffic.

So How Much traffic do i need you might Ask?

So many websites get carried away adding there contextual scripts to there site before they are even getting much traffic. Each time they visit there stats to see one click three days ago it can be very disheartening for the web owner. What i recommend is always get the traffic first then implement. Otherwise it is just like running a car with out any fuel. Traffic being the fuel for these advertising Programs. The number of unique visitors I would go for before implementing any contextual is 1000 unique visitors a day… You could do 500 unique visitors a day but wont produce enough clicks per month for payout.

Let’s look at the figures…

1000 x 30 = 30000 visitors.

At an average of one click in a hundred that would be approximately 300 clicks a month… Now let’s say the average click is 0.35 cents ( averaged out over 5 cents per click up to say $1.30 per click). Please note click value price can be higher or lower depending on website keyword targeting.

0.35 x 300 = $105 dollars a month

As you can see from the above stats, this is just enough from most contextual programs to produce a check or payment per month. As the traffic increases over 1000 then so will your contextual advertising payments.

Hint : “As a rule of thumb always put the contextual ads in a spot people can easily see just in case your website is not what they are looking for and so they may click before leaving.”

5 Good Contextual Advertising Programs –

  • Bidvertiser (ads open in new window)
  • Google AdSense
  • Kontera (ads open in new window)
  • Clicksor
  • Adsonar


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