Set Your Own Profit Mark Up – Hosting Affiliate Program

There are a lot of good hosting Affiliate programs out there, but i personally think resellers hosting takes the prize. Not only do they offer the cheapest and very high quality hosting packages for any web owner but also being an Affiliate with them you can purchase hosting at wholesale prices… Not to mention if you wish to sell web hosting yourself you can on your own website and set your own hosting prices… “Set your profit mark up…!”

Screenshot Below of Setting your profit in the Resellers Hosting Panel…

set your own profit mark up hosting resellers

Not only that when people order a domain hosting account or domain name through you, you earn on every transaction they make in future for life. So when they renew there hosting package you make money again. Also if you refer Affiliates to the resellers program you make 10% commission off all they earn as well.. Resellers panel is a high earning residual Affiliate program which is highly recommended by me as one way to make money online… Think about how much the earnings can add up to…?

Example of Earnings from Resellers Panel – Set Your Own Profit Hosting

Say as an example you signed up 10 people a month to the minimum plan per month at $20 dollars profit… After a year you have sold approximately 120 plans from your website. That is a total profit of $2400 in the first year, however on the next year you have already earned that when they renew there hosting.  So if the same happens next year it is $4800 and so on…

One more thing to think of is think of how much you can save per year paying only wholesale for domain names or transferring your current domain names to them… For more information on Resellers Hosting or to sign up click here

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