Setting the minimum bid on Bidvertiser for more Earnings

setting the minimum bid on bidvertiser for more earningsWell i have to say bidvertiser has surprised me again with there publisher program. Not only do there ads open in a new window for visitors but they also you are able to set your mimimum bid…

Wow what a bonus there. If your in your Bidvertiser account you can see the current bidders for your category and also there bid amounts.

“Setting the minimum bid on Bidvertiser can quadrauple your earnings…”

So if you want all your advertising on your website being only advertisers that pay $1.00 or more for there bid then you can deselect all bids lower than that. Then all clicks you recieve then on your website are from high bidders therefore you have just improved your earnings per click.

An example of this is if you earned $5.00 a week in Bidvertiser earnings, then simply by changing this small detail you could turn it into $30 plus a week. To get to this setting just go to the bidvertiser centre tab in your account and then to ads status. Then click on your ad category and select.

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