Shorter Blog Posts Are Better!

After trying long, medium and short blog posts the middle ground of short to medium seem to be the average readers ideal page. What i mean by a shorter blog post is about 300 words or less… The reason readers seem to prefer shorter posts is not absolutely clear however the boost in traffic when short posts are done is an improvement.

“The main assumption is readers see a big post and ignore it over a shorter related post mainly because it is easier and quicker to read…”

So what does a shorter Blog post look like…? Well look at this post, it will be in three paragraphs long and seems to be the readers choice of what they want from a page. I have noticed on occasion with some in depth posts readers prefer longer but overall shorter seems the key.

If you look at some of the top Bloggers or blog writers (such a Problogger, Johnchow, etc…)  out there you will notice that they too know that shorter posts are better for reader retention. Look at there average blog page as a guide. In the end that is one of the many keys of creating a successful website or blog, just create what the reader wants and there you go… Good Luck!


  1. Update – This sort of trend seems to be changing which is good, now most prefer posts with over 400 words at least and everyone expects pictures or video a lot as well. The internet surely is changing.

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