Shorter Blog Posts sometimes get more Traffic!

Here is an interesting one. Yesterday I was discussing posts with Lyndsay Cabildo, a Philippine online blogger who I have been helping to make money online with her Blog. The discussion was about blog post length and traffic. Interestingly enough after looking at a lot of posts and traffic results some strange results were found. It appeared a lot of shorter posts received more traffic from the serps, referrals, comments and even back links.??

Lyndsay who writes generally smaller posts than me was saying she believes shorter posts of say two to three paragraphs give her the best results. She receives more comments, which she believes is because people try to add more to the post rather than if you would if the post answered all questions. She also added she seems to get most back links or trackbacks from her shorter posts as well.

Whether or not, it is just specific to her niche or whether this is a new reader trend, it really is interesting results. In an earlier post I mentioned how online statistics implies most readers only read two paragraphs of a post. By what Lyndsay is saying it seems to support that theory. Interesting..?


  1. You know, I really do believe this. Oftentimes, I get visits and even clicks if I write shorter posts. Once I did a 500-long post, I got few impressions. Now, my posts are no longer than 200 words. I get better results that way.

  2. it’s good tips…I think better I try this tips..*but actually my english also not good so I couldn’t write a lot of words more than 2 paragraph* 😉

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