Should DMOZ be Penalized by Google?

Recently I got asked the question should Dmoz be penalized by Google as well like other directories in there search engine..? I have thought about this one many times as well and have always wondered why so many Directories are being hit and yet there are still some that are not being hit. I think the biggest answer to this debate is Back Links..

If say a Directory like or or the Yahoo Directory are providing links similar in a way to other directories that are being penalized, the only main difference that can be seen is Back Links.. Take a look at these and you will see what I mean. They all have outstanding Back Links and therefore this indicates mainly why they are safe..

Why some feel DMOZ should be Penalized?

While Dmoz is not selling links that pass PageRank there editorial system does not work which has been said many times to not be in compliance with Googles exceptions. The fact that someone can submit a site like mine or other quality sites that are established and never get included proves there editorial failure.

Is there a Solution if you want to run your own Directory..?

Fortunately directories are not dead, it is the opposite really, all webmasters need to do is hold the tide longer, when the full scare blows over and Directories become more rare again all remaining will be of a lot high value. In the meantime here are two different options to keep your directory safe.

1 ) Use nofollow on links or redirects to stop deranking in the serps, chances are you will be deranked anyway unless you have enough back links to begin with..

2 ) With option 2 offer an Affiliate Program for your directory submissions.. Eg pass 50% onto referrers, this will build Back Links and create buzz around your Directory. Try not to think of Back Links for search engines, think of them more for traffic whether they pass rank or not.

4 )  Get as many Back Links as possible from other related directories.

5 )  Use a niche for your Directory, these have been proven to be way more effective for keeping your Directory Safe and Unique…

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