Should i give up on this Affiliate Program?

Procrastination is a funny thing, we all do it from time to time and working online is no different. If you are an online Affiliate Marketer and yes that includes using adsense you are in the same boat of is your affiliate programs working for you…?

Are you making a cheque or payment every month or two from this marketing?

Basically with Affiliate marketing it can be periodically trial and error, some affiliate programs will do better than others and some well, am i advertising this Affiliate program for free…? If you have felt this or have been there you are not alone, from time to time yes affiliate programs may be marketed with no success and no sales… Meaning it is just free advertising for the affiliate program…

So what now should you do…?

Should you give up on that Affiliate Program? 

I have been affiliate marketing for a while now and the best guide to go by is one in a hundred. What you do is wait until you have had over a hundred clicks to the Affiliate Program or network and if no sales then wait until two hundred. When at two hundred if you have not received at least one sale or two then it is time to let it go… The less targeted the affiliate program the less chance of a sale to click so bare that in mind…

Evaluate your Affiliate Program Sales like it is an Equation…

Keep it simple and evaluate it like an equation, 1 to 2 sales per 100 to 200 clicks is a good guide i like to go by… Basically you have the choice of what you want to market on your website so if it does n ‘t work in these figures it is likely to be a program that is not right for your website… Look around and find another… Evaluate again and then if a sale happens one in two hundred you keep it going.. Basically sales is a good guide to decide the programs you use, until eventually your website only provides affiliate programs that generate you an income…

“1 in 100 to 200 is a good guide to create more Affiliate Sales Success..”

If your website or blog is very content based i would expect better results than 200, more like a sale, 1 in 100 to 150 or less however this is the best guide i use to stick by… Good luck!


  1. Timon, it’s not “procastination”, it’s procRastination with the ‘r’.

    – Wakish –

  2. Timon Weller says

    lol, yeah that one got past me heheheh… , will fix now… Thanks man 🙂


  1. […] ONLY use affiliate ads that convert. This can be assessed in time. What I do as mentioned in my book is if after 200 clicks to the affiliate site there is no sales (approximately 1 sale in 200 is good ratio) then promoting another is better until you find what works.. This does not mean 200 visits to a page, 200 clicks out of your site to your desired affiliate program. For more on this read – Should i give up on this Affiliate Program? […]

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