Should Marijuana Be Legal? Vote Now!

This is one topic that has been debated for ages, should Marijuana be Legal? When you think about it, it really is a hard one to decide. Let’s look at the pros, cons and middle road of either side of Marijuana and then let’s vote on what you think..?

Pros of Making Marijuana Legal

First of all we all have to remember this is not a banned substance in some countries in the world. In particular Amsterdam, reports and statistics indicate in this country crime related to Marijuana is less than Nil. In a way this is a massive pro to legalizing as marijuana causes so much black market trade and legalizing it will make it virtually non existent. Also from another side violence related crimes have never been associated with marijuana, whereas alcohol attributes to many crimes everyday. Another one to add, is all it’s medical benefits that it can be used for, at least if this element is legal then that could ease theses peoples condition. Lastly the last pro is nearly all Teens try Marijuana whether it is legal or not, it is not hard to get. Sorry parents, but it is true. By legalizing it, more focus could be put on the education of it’s harm for long term or recreational use.

More positives include environmentally friendly fuel, clothing, renewable plastic, soil conditioner, ice cream and many, many more..

Cons of Making Marijuana Legal

The consequences could include many more people smoking it and possibly less motivation in the community. Overall the major consequence is health and long term use. Some skeptics claim it may increase the chance of going onto heavier drugs, but in a way that could be said for alcohol also. The choice for that is really up to the individual, yet that is always a possibility when using any drug including alcohol (or even cigarettes in some reports). Another con could be, if it was legal is that it could be seen as an okay drug for recreation. Whether or not enough people make decisions on this, the only way to find out would be to make it legal to know. I know for a fact, many that do smoke Marijuana do not care whether it is legal or not, they just like to smoke. The cons is a tough one so I am sure there is more you could add below in comments.

Should Marijuana be Decriminalized?

This is the middle road decision which basically says Marijuana is a drug that should be illegal but people should not go to Jail for it. In a way this has many benefits, first one is it stops many elements of crime as value goes way down, secondly it protects those that are only smoking it in private for personal recreation.

The decriminalization law does not state laws of trafficking proof, if the individual is found selling it, it is still a Jail-able offence yet those growing or smoking in privacy in any way they choose will be protected to do so. All those that were previously convicted and Jailed for personal use will be set free and allowed there personal rights back. In many ways I support this one, as it does not harm others and sending people to jail for smoking a single joint I believe is wrong. In some states of Australia, including Canberra (the capital) Marijuana is decriminalized which has dramatically reduced many elements of crime.

Should Marijuana be Legal, Stay Illegal or Decriminalized? – VOTE NOW!

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