Showing Off your Twitter Follower Count on Your Blog

Are you a twitter addict yet…? Well then, i think you might be missing out…? Twitter is a social tool that is becoming more and more common on blogs out there, not only for keeping in touch with friends, but also new blog posts and more (similar to RSS subscribers in a way)….

Now if you like you can show off your Twitter followers by displaying them on your blog or website in a small counter similar to the Feedburner email subscribers counter.

Screenshot of the Twitter Counter Options Below

showing off your twitter follower count

You can see mine just recently added to the top right. If you are interested in showing your count as well you can simply by clicking on my Twitter counter and add your details at or you can simply download a Twitter counter plugin to add to your WordPress (that’s if you use WordPress). Either way it is easy and simple. showing off your twitter follower countSimply by copying and pasting some code to where you want on your website will create the counter.

If you are not already a member of Twitter, but are interested in becoming one click here. Also if you wish to follow me on Twitter you can select that there too (optional)…

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