Simple Guide for Tweeting for more Traffic

What is it with Twitter? So easy, so simple and becoming more and more popular.. Simply adding a follow me banner to your blog or website can bring you more followers, but what really brings you more traffic in Twitter..? In particular what brings your Blog more traffic with Twitter?

simple guide for tweeting for more traffic

1 ) The best beginning method I believe is adding some like minded Twitters to follow first and then being social in the network. Many Twitter members will follow back however being active after following will increase the follow backs.

2 ) Connect your blog to there system. There are many wordpress plugins that do this, the one I use is called Twitter Tools. That way whenever you do a another post it will be included quickly as a fresh Tweet for all of your Twitter followers to see and maybe visit your blog.

3 ) Ask interesting questions in the Twitter System, then blog about it..

4 ) Share Tweets with others in the network, this will get your Twitter Profile and Blog more traffic and can possibly make your tweets more viral..

There are so many options for creating traffic to your Blog with Twitter these days, if you can think of any others let me know below..?

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