Simple rules of using Email Etiquette

What is email etiquette? Email etiquette is the friendly way we respond to a friend or a business venture or any situation via email.

The benefits of using email etiquette are huge in any online business and is recommended in any email situations. Any email you send through your online business is a reflection of your business as well as you.

“Always be friendly in an email and you will always get the best results back… No matter what the situation…”

Depending on the situation or person you are talking to is depending on the etiquette to use. If its a friend then etiquette is not important. However if it’s a business partner or a boss then it would be similar to the response below. It’s a good rule to remember that it’s easy to come across as annoyed or upset in an email.

A common email i receive is one regarding products delivery.

A common customer Email could read something like this :

Hi (one of my websites),
I ordered your products 1 week ago and im wondering why it’s not here yet?
Joe Blow

Ahhh…I wish i was in control of the postal system. You know Joe Blow’s order can you speed it up lol…? I just send the products. All good though, i understand the customer is just enquiring to make themselves feel more comfortable.

A good Etiquette response to this Email is :

Hi Joeblow,
Thanks for your enquiry, your order is on it’s way. Please allow up to ten working days to your destination. For any more questions please let me know?
Kind Regards,

Benefits of Email Etiquette in Online Business

  • Resolves any problems quickly
  • Creates a positive response to your emails
  • Improves respect for you and your business online
  • Encourages repeat business for your online business

Even if you do happen to get an upset or annoyed customer emailing you about something relating to your online business, a friendly etiquette answer is the key. It’s always good to remember it’s hard to be upset once someone is nice in any situation (even email). For any good online business out there, an important rule is to always be friendly even through email.

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