Simple Trick to Increase Your Google Pagerank

So many people obsess about the Google Pagerank button that I thought it was about time I did a post on the subject. First of all let me first say that the little green Pagerank button or bar has no or little consideration for how a website ranks in the google search. That has been said a number of times by google specialists and on seo forums. It is just a ranking factor in place to show a bit of info on how Google see’s a web page.. While this is all said, it is definitely nice for anyone to see some green.. Mine at the moment for Buyers Web being a Pagerank 4.

The Basic Theory and Factors of Pagerank

Now with that all said let’s look at what basic factors create pagerank and how with a simple trick you can increase your pagerank at the next update.. All of which is totally white hat.. Legit and will do no harm to your website. In fact it will make your website more functional for your website visitors..

  1. Links to your website increase Pagerank
  2. Seo Friendly Web Structure Increases Pagerank
  3. Good Site Structure Increases Pagerank
  4. How Many Links on Page Increases Google Pagerank
  5. Relevant High amounts of Traffic from related sources Increases Pagerank

The reason I highlighted the fourth point above is because this is the trick I wanted to focus on in this post that helps ones website.

Okay so, In order to fully understand pagerank we must all look at the elements it presents.. Those elements include link structure, link amounts on page and outward links all effect how a website is ranked..

Lower the Amount of Links on Page to Increase PageRank

If say you run a website or blog that had over a hundred links on it, it makes sense that to lower it to say 80 or less will be better for readers as well as your pagerank.. So by simply removing not needed or unnecessary links from your homepage it can increase the chance of pagerank going up.. Each link in a way watering down the pagerank value of that page.. This includes not needed internal links as well as not needed out going links to other websites.. Instead it is better to make a site more user friendly by linking related posts and pages internally rather than trying to show all links on the homepage to all inner pages..

After all it is your homepage, not a sitemap..

“Excessive Internal links as well as excessive out bound links lower ones rank..”

Now before you start running around trying to remove unwanted links, you still have to give the customer or reader what they need as well otherwise you will only lower pagerank.. You need your site to get traffic to internal pages so a balance is very important here or you are risking a big traffic loss.. It is important to focus on what i mean by unnecessary links. These sorts of links are links that are repeatedly repeated on the page or links that are better seen within another content pages content.. As for out bound homepage links, work out which ones you really want to link to or just put these links in your related posts or inner pages instead..

Trick Revealed.. Hey Presto..

So that is the trick people, simply lower overall excessive linking on your homepage.. In the end it really is all about giving the reader what they want to see on each page.. Being bombarded by hundreds of links is not going to help anyone including Pagerank. However 50 to 80 links is always a friendly number..

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  1. Great post…

    Thanks. I will check it. Is there any easy tool which can count for us the number of links on the home page?

  2. Nikhil Varma says

    I think Google has changed things. One of my page is shown high up in Googles list when ‘radient’ is the keyword. Lots of people land on that page and it is ranked higher than the pages which are not searched for. I have not done anything more for that page alone.

  3. Hi Timon, I saw your blog only has 9 backlinks (according Google), but it’s PR 4 now. That’s really good.
    I also have one blog went from 0 to PR2, whereas it has no backlinks.
    I agree with that 5 points above, Page Rank is not always based on how many backlinks.

    • Hey Tantan,
      My site has a lot more than that, more like in the thousands upon thousands. Google only shows a couple like a preview. To get a more realistic value with it, it is better to use yahoos site explorer.

  4. Nice post, can’t help think I am missing something somewhere though. I seem to have followed all the recommendations for a number of months now, it is true my web presence has improved, (which I guess is the important bit), my alexa ranking has gone from 14million odd to 1.4million odd and is still improving but my page rank has stuck at 1, whereas smaller competitors are achieving ranks of 2 or 3. Arnold from – West Bridgford (My blog is perhaps too new for a ranking as yet as I understand the rankings only get updated 3 or 4 times a year?)

    • A number of factors are probably at play Arnold, make sure you have a good amount of backlinks and just as importantly how you present you page as I explained in this post. Make it as user friendly as possible. Also build as much traffic as possible.. Keep at it, it does only update a few times a year. Do not worry, just keep building your site..

  5. Thanks for the tips. We are working hard on increasing the page rank of our new site.

  6. jijojohn says

    Nice post..its a nice information.Working adsense trick posted in my blog

  7. Very nice information. Thanks Man! I hope to read more post from you. It really made me understand the page rank system of Google.

  8. Sweet! Thanks about all the beautiful information. Can’t wait to read your post on how to get 100 backlinks to your site. Cheers!

  9. ryzalyusoff says

    thank you for the tips..very useful ūüėÄ

  10. I have Google PR1 right now…hope will get the PR3 On next page rank update

  11. Very nice article, just what I was looking for.


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