Sipping on a Thai Chang Beer or Bucket

In Thailand there are many forms of alcohol including many beers, spirits, mixed drinks and cocktails.. If you enjoy a drink or two then you will find a happy miriad of choices. While there are many choices, my favourites have always been Chang Beer or Buckets.

Each one can be purchased at many locations. In this post i wanted to do a quick review on these two types of alcohol found in Thailand.bucket of alcohol

Chang Beer..

Beer Chang can be purchased anywhere for around 25 baht per Drink (75 cents) or 30 to 50 baht for a large Bottle. This is my favourite beer in Thailand, it is a stronger than average beer than in Australia at 6.4% alcohol per volume. Chang means elephant and is a sacred animal to the thai people. Chang Beer is not only a favourite around the tourists but is also popular among the local people.. Good Beer for all the beer lovers..:)

Bucket or Buckets..

Well if you are ready for a big drink, buckets can be purchased at many bars at around 80 to 150 baht per bucket. What is a bucket you are probably thinking? A bucket is literally a bucket of alcohol in ice. The main ingredients for a Thailand bucket is about a third or more of a 700ml mekong whiskey (Thailand Whisky), one M150 (energy drink), cola and a lot of ice..

Buckets can be purchased in many places in South East Asia, in particular i found them popular in Laos. The drink is a surprisingly good mix but be careful they are very strong. This a popular choice if you have no more commitments for the rest of the day.. Enjoy a Bucket!..

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