Six Top Adsense Alternatives

Well Adsense seems to be popular these days, every man and his dog has an Adsense account. But there are other good alternatives to Google Adsense out there.

“Adsense can be a great extra source of income for your website. Just don’t see them as the only source…”

  1. Affiliate advertising related to your website
  2.  Infolinks – click here
  3.  Chitika Ads – click here
  4.  Bidvertiser – click here
  5.  Clicksor –
  6. Vibrant Media –

If you want to mention a few that are working good for you as alternatives to Adsense then comment below your opinion…


  1. Sean Perry says

    I used Clicksor and Infolinks and i would have to say that infolinks pays better than clicksor.;,.

  2. Amber Phillips says

    i haven’t signed up with clicksor yet but i want to join that program too.’`”

  3. Perhaps you have regarded as including more video clips for your blog articles to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read over the article of yours and it was quite good consider I’m really a visual learner,I found that being more helpful. Just my my idea, Good luck

  4. I have been using for long time. It is not as good as Google Adsense. But It pays enough. I do not have a lot of page views. but I am earning good. I also tried infolinks before. But it pay less than for click.

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