So Far Great Results with Retweet

retweet exampleThis is a follow up post to my previous post review about Retweet , saying that I was going to try there button out on my blog.  What I first wanted to say was YES the Retweet button helps.. In fact I seem to get about twice as much Retweets by having the button on my posts.

(If you are unsure of what a Retweet is, it is a Digg type similar function that instead Tweets (submits) an update on your Twitter account. This allows people to share great posts on Twitter and hence generates web traffic to good posts or pages. If you look at the top right of this post you will see the Retweet button as an example..)

This Is the Results

The general results are like this, for each Retweet on general I seem to be able to get another 3 to 10 website visitors. This means is that a Retweet post that gets 10 Retweets can potentially be another 30 to 100 visitors to my site on one post..

While each time it can be different, the results so far are great and I am positive the results are only going to get better. What I expect is that as my Twitter follower count grows so too will my Retweeting aspect. As I said above some of the Retweets are not from the retweeting function so I have to take into account that some people Tweet without the button.. About half looking at my results.

Why does Retweet work so well? My Theory..

Okay so here is another point on the button that I believe creates its successful aspect.. One word comes to mind, it is easy to Retweet.. All I do is click the retweet button on a post i like and then boom it opens in new window and redirects to my twitter update page with the title and link in the summary.. I then click submit, overall it takes like 5 seconds..

I believe that is what sets it apart from other networks such as Digg or other similar similar point system networks.. Most of them take too much time to submit a  resource to..

In a way it is like saying 5 seconds of your time (Retweet to Twitter) or two minutes of your time (Digg as an example)…

If your interested in finding out more about Retweet or adding it to your site, visit my other page review on Retweet.

Retweet Stuffs Up Sometimes..

One last point I wanted to say was that Retweet is not perfect, occasionally the Retweet on a post will not show on a post when you know it has been Retweeted. Hopefully in the future this issue gets fixed. Either way it still gets traffic, even if Retweet does not show..

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