So Many Bloggers giving up Writing

I keep hearing it a lot from Bloggers or blog writers out there – “they are so close to the point of giving up writing…” Why do you think this happens, is it they lose motivation or drive or is the passion or interest to write just fading? Maybe they are burning themselves out by pushing themselves to far to quickly.

Maybe they were pushing themselves so hard and expecting more results from there blog?  Whatever it is, it is sad to hear so many Blog writers on the brink of collapse… I believe there are several ways to reduce this from happening to you or to people you know.

Motivation tips for Bloggers thinking of giving up Writing… (Stop dropping the pen!)

1)  Take a break from writing when you feel this, do something totally different, your blog will survive without you for a few days.

2) Dress up your template you use for your blog, sometimes a blog template face lift can increase inspiration

3) Write down what your future plans were with the blog and see if it brings back inspiration

4) Go to Blogging discussion boards like on Blogcatalog and discuss with other like minded Bloggers how you feel. This can help a lot.

5) Sometimes creating a bit of money monetizing on your blog can help by motivating you with some extra money. I can help you with this one by following my blog.

6) Take a good holiday away from your computer or laptop.

7) Don’t dwell on the negatives of Blogging, just remember it could be a passing emotion and the inspiration may come back.

 I will leave number 8 (and above) to you, comment below on what you think about Bloggers losing there passion..?

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