So Many Reasons to use your Own Photo on your Blog!

reasons to use your own photo on your blogOne important aspect I have not really gone into much detail on this blog about is the importance of using your own image on your blog.. This is often referred to by many as branding or selling yourself.. It is simple yet one of the most powerful ways of creating emotion as well as trust and lastly online success..

If I was to ask you would you trust an invisible man with your wallet what would you say..? The most likely answer by many would be, umm no way.. However if say they showed there credentials as a legit person you would be more inclined right..? More trust is there and chances are you will purchase from the most trusted.. Online is much the same, except online trust is formed with images or avatars of your self..

Branding Creates More Trust and More Trust Equals More Readers..

Even if you do not have the best looks it is okay, people are more after the real you when trusting someone.. However with that said some recommended aspects to look at when adding an image are looking friendly and genuine.. Try not to look like a gang star or similar unless you are selling that.. As you can see on this blog I use my image above, same image I use on most of my social networks as well in all comments.. This helps people Identify me well.. Me being Timon Weller by my image alone..

“Using your own real Avatar or Image on a Blog makes life or Blogging a lot easier with trust and Branding..”

Overall In the end it is all up to you, however using your own image for branding really adds to your blog, increases trust and in the end can make you more more money.. It’s a bit like having a good unique theme ( 5 Really Nice WordPress Page Templates or Themes ), It makes it even more unique and allows readers to say to themselves “oh okay, that’s the blog owner.., I have seen him in comments before on so and so blog…”

(As you can see with the banner within this post, I am using my own image branding with advertising as well..)

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