So Many Swear Words in YouTube Comments!

Have you noticed how many swear words there are in YouTube comments? It is almost like out of control on some videos, the most common of all is the F### word. What I wanted to ponder was why this is so common?

you tube commentsImage Above – Example of some of the comments seen.. Is it just me or does it appear to be a bit too much?

Pondering on the YouTube Comment System

First of all if you have not noticed how many swear words there are, next time you go onto YouTube and visit a few videos, browse down to some of the comments. It almost indicates a number of views on the types of audience YouTube receives. What I want to know is, why is it tolerated in particular by a large company such as Google being the owner..?  Also, I have noticed in many circumstances it can even ruin a video view experience, especially when someone goes to a massive effort to make an informative video for people to learn from them and then someone comes along to just be abusive in a comment..

Maybe a word comment filter should be added?

In many ways no other website comment system seems to be the same, I believe it is mainly is because there is no word control in You Tubes comment section. They seem to have a comment amount limit, (how many comments per day) but not swear word filter.

Do you think swear words should be filtered out in You Tube comments or do you think it should stay the same..?


  1. I think there needs to be a filter, yes. When you go to see an informative video and see 18+ swearing in the comments, it’s just unpleasant.

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