Solar Powered Mobile Phones changing the Mobile Industry

You have a mobile phone right..? What if it had the ability to charge by itself and last up to to 2 to 2.5 times as long as other mobiles.. That’s right it is possible now that solar has taken hold..

Mobile Phones are going Solar!

Many mobile phone companies are taking this new green campaign on including some of the big brand names such as Samsung and LG..  Samsung’s one exceeding most aspects, being lightweight, having a green mode for saving power and the body of the phone is made from recycled plastic bottles..

I can only imagine where this new move in technology will go as it progresses.. Especially in countries where getting power to your mobile is not as easy to get to as the western world.. And imagine the benefits of solar powered mobile phones for those going on long camping trips or those living in restricted power zones..?

solar powered samsung mobile phone

(Image above – The brilliant new Samsung Solar Powered Mobile Phone, small lightweight, energy efficient, the future)

Solar, the Future for Technology..

Possibly in the not so near future, Laptops will be solar powered, TVs or anything we use today commonly.. Who knows where it will lead next, however I believe mobile phones going Solar is a great beginning move for better human technology..


  1. Check out this Solar powered phone by Samsung, it is awesome, not only is it solar, the box is environmental as well. Hopefully they make newer versions as well.

    This phone is really cool, to check out all its features or to purchase click here.

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