New Strict Rules On Hubpages Has Many Publishers Leaving

If you are part of Hubpages you are probably aware of the new news, the new rules and the new policies for publishers. If not, you may soon be. The new rules started a few weeks ago including unpublishing many long time hubpages articles, enough to even make many Hubpages publishers leave. In this post I will go over what happened, why they did it and what many publishers are doing in reaction to the new rules..

new hubpages strcit rules

Why Hubpages Changed the Rules?

Like many great authority sites they are constantly changing, sometimes those changes are good for those that use these sites and sometimes they are not. This time hubpages has enforced new rules from what it looks like to help boost the quality of the site in general. This from what i can see is a hopeful attempt to boost there search engine rankings and overall affiliate income.

While some of the rules make sense, many of the new rules go way overboard to the point of possible losing there most important resource, there writers.

New Hubpages Strict Rules

The new hubpages rules are many, in fact it is hard not to break any of them even for the top hubpages publisher, they include –

  1. Linking to Blogs that have Optins – Which is in the millions considering feedburner is an optin form.
  2. Linking to weight loss sites – Not sure on why they made this one.
  3. Linking to sites that contain a click bank link in any way – This one has me scratching as well, what is wrong with clickbank?
  4. Promoting a link in anyway – This includes suggesting a related link in a post relating to the hub, this one was really not good for readers on there website. I mean with out being able to link to related sources then does it not make the hubpages post useless to a reader? As an example of promoting using words like such as the product in a post is an interpretation of promoting with the new rules. Sites that seem to be okay to link to are the authority sites and social networks. From a writers perspective that has a few good blogs this one is not really fair.
  5. Bad Images – Yes, that one is right, if you use a blurry image on a hubpages post in any way it will be unpublished or you will be warned.
  6. Substandard Content – This one had me stumped as well, even hubs with over a thousand quality words are getting put in this category.
  7. Linking to Ecommerce Sites – This one is just confusing as well. What’s wrong with e commerce sites? I can’t seem to find a reference on this one so let me know if I misread it?
  8. Links to eBook sales pages and lead capture forms
  9. Links to sites that contain links to any of the above (ie, a blog that links to an ebook sales page, etc)
  10. Sites that contain pop-ups or pop-unders – A must have for most top bloggers.

Some of the writers that have been effected claim to have over a thousand articles and have been given around two weeks to change to the new rules on all there hubs or risk them being unpublished. Is that possible for many, there is no way?

For me I had 43 hubs unpublished for linking to related sites in some of them and that alone is going to take me more time to fix than being productive. Days of effort, so imagine the owners having over a thousand in jeopardy, for them I think they would feel very betrayed.

What Is The Unfortunate Solution – Many Publishers Leave

The unfortunate aspect of it is so many professional writers are now leaving hubpages behind because of the change, this will eventually effect the overall quality of hubpages and in the end be detrimental to what they are trying to achieve in the first place from the change. Also many publishers are fixing this problem is instead on fixing on hubpages they are moving there articles elsewhere to sites such as Squidoo or Infobarrel.

So, if you are part of Hubpages it is important to be aware of the new rules and adjust your linking out or related content to suit what it wants. If not, there is not much point posting there at all.

Were you effected by the new rules at Hubpages?


  1. I do not write at any more. And I have seen my total of hubs reduce daily for ridiculous reasons.
    Before I promoted a lot for HP but now I have changed my mind.
    You article is great, thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah I agree Alan, they went overboard after the panda update from google. I used to send them over a few hundred visitors each week, now none because they unpublished my well written hubs.. I tried to get them republished after fixing some of the hubs but no luck.. There loss if you ask me.. I heard some publishers had thousands of hubs that were effected and lost big money as they relied on this for adsense earnings. Now a lot of publishers are moving to infobarrel instead.. Unfortunate for hubpages as i really liked the active community…

  2. I think just the same – I can understand increasing quality scoring but what is wrong with ecommerce its not like it is automatically spam just because your business is selling things, a shop is a good and reputable way to make a living. Like others I used to enjoy Hubpages but all my time creating unique content was thrown out, so slowly I republished everything on my own blogs where they can’t do anything.

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