Stumble Me! – A funny way to create StumbleUpon Traffic

stumble me traffic tipsWe all as Internet owners want more traffic and Stumble Upon can be one option for that.. While Stumble upon is temporary boosted traffic it also has the potential to increase rss readership on your blog as well as return visitors.. For me one technique I have been playing around with lately, is a few image techniques.. Images seem to be working well in getting more stumbles to my blogs..

Of course there are other elements at play as well such as stumble friends, how many or how often you stumble that has to be taken into account as well..

One method with images I used recently was to try to be cheeky about it, adding interesting images that were funny that basically said, stumble me.. It had some really positive effects.. It may be that some of the tricks being thrown out by other bloggers to gather stumbles is a lot more simpler than it sounds by creating just a few funny unique images — a funny animal or a funny catch your eye image, or a funny statement down the bottom of your post with a Stumble Upon me statement… I tried it on another site of mine and I was surprised by the reaction.  On this post I have added a couple I just made up for this blog as an example.. Let me know what you think of this Stumble Upon technique, comment below..

stumble upon me traffic tips

stumble me please - support the blog

While it is not essential, when developing a new blog using Stumble Upon is like a wheel on a car, it is part of the machine but not the whole machine. With that in mind, it basically means it is an important element to use. By ignoring how to use the social networks, we could possibly be missing out on some essential readers or visitors for our website or blog..

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